Our Team

•Cork Centre for Architecture Education CCAE (MTU & UCC)

    • Maroun Tabbal: Comprehensive Anticipatory Design Scientist CADS Architect, HCi Resilient Design Curricula Lead/Coordinator
    • Jim Harrison: Universal Access Architect
    • Orla McKeever: Diversity & Conflict Urban space Architect
    • Sarah Mulrooney: Ethnography, Heritage and History Architect

•Gerard Quinn (NUIG) the UN Special Rapporteur on the rights of persons with disabilities

•Jack Lehane, Geospatial Wellbeing, Maynooth University (SFI ADAPT)

•Tyndall National Institute

    • Daniela Iacopino: Funded Investigator in CONNECT and VistaMilk SFI research
    • Fatima Gunning: Senior Researcher – Photonics, SFI PI. Diversity Champion, Head of Graduate Studies @Tindall
    • Eamonn O’Sullivan: Community Engagement Officer, Irish Photonic Integration Centre (IPIC)
    • Brendan O’Flynn (Wireless Smart Systems)
    • Salvatore Tedesco (AI/Data Fusion/Machine Learning)
    • Column Crowe (Machine learning for health and wellness)

•Cork City Council: Claire Davis Digital Officer, ICT Services and Denise Cahill Cork Healthy Cities

•University College Cork – UCC
    • Occupational Therapist: Yvonne Pennisi
    • Sports Education: Wesley O’ Brien
    • Annina Marlow, UCC Theatre Masters Student & Research Assistant

UNiC European University

    • Anca Teodosiu: Project Designer, University of Oulu and City of Oulu
    • Roberto San Salvador del Valle Doistua: Bilbao Spain  Deusto Cities Director / Zuzendaria

WabiSabi 1 to 1 Hundred

Geospatial Audit & Nudge Application for Safe Place-Making

Mobile Umbrella APP

We are proposing the development of a Coach APP that would guide a user off the couch for a fun run, jog, walk, or stroll along an assessed path for length, slope, scenery, and Visit-ABiLiTY between established nodes towards quality lifespan for people from the age 1 to 1 hundred.


Wabi Sabi means:

Values simplicity and imperfection, while recognizing the impermanence of all things. Rather than piling unnecessary pressure on ourselves in the quest for perfection, Wabi Sabi encourages us to value the perfectly imperfect.

Smart location-based data driven real-time two-way communication between citizens, advocacy groups & communities to enable and encourage physical wellbeing activities.

Intelligence to augment and optimize physical activities / wellbeing opportunities by geospatial auditing towards Green Universal Accessibility.

Target Physical Activity Groups 

These are the nodes of influence and the target citizens for safety, health and wellbeing:

  • Aging citizens
  • Activity Nodes
  • Parents with precious cargo in trams/buggies
  • Runners
  • Walkers
  • Cyclist
  • Public space event organizers


adapted from a sketch by Jim Harrison

City suitability audit for Safer activities

Mirror World with a Magnifying glass

Geospatial Audit: Immersive AR/VR/XR

*Replace Old previous Technology with now simpler and easier libraries and services

Potential API integration with Crowd 4 Access

Impact on challenge & UN SDGs

Antidote to anthropocentric bio-medical model of health: opens resilient interrelated citizen science pathways for understanding

  • How healthy/unhealthy are we now?
  • What are barriers to accessing/engaging in healthy activity?
  • Are some age groups more active than others, and if so, why?
  • What dedicated spaces already exist that can be used for activity?
  • Community centres? Parks? Trails? Can they be modified to be more inclusive?

Integration with other civic initiatives

Dark Matter

Pocket forests

can be as small as a single car parking space

— would one work in your area?

These are miniature versions of a natural woodland

— you just get so much bird life, you get so much insect life, even in the first growing season
Pocket forests can be as small as a single car parking space — would one work in your area? (irishexaminer.com)

Pocket Forests: Catherine Cleary and Ashe Conrad-Jones of pocketforests.ie The Digital Hub has partnered with Pocket Forests on a new biodiversity initiative for Dublin 8. Picture: Shane O’Neill, Coalesce.

TUE, 11 OCT 2022 – 06:41 JUANITA BROWNE

Shared Information = Smart City

Continuous Connections: Node *Event* Path

Two-way Communication directly with the community citizens throughout activity / event.

1.Launch the App Start Navigation

2.Select Guided or Free activities

  1. Come Back Tomorrow

Along a Path between two Nodes (Landmark)

An example of a rich environment for challenging yet stimulating exercise activities on the left and

The many possibilities

bellow and to the right.